Pupsule: the World’s Only Non-touch and Portable Device to Clean Up Dog Poop

With 76% of U.S. households owning a pet, a US-based startup has
launched a device to solve the biggest problem of most dog parents: cleaning up after their dogs without having to touch the waste. Pupsule, featuring a size of a smartphone, allows dog parents to easily pick up dog waste and keep it sealed inside without letting it compromise their
In less than a day Pupsule got fully funded on Kickstarter.
Parenting a dog is more than just having a cuddly companion. However, having dogs come with certain “parental” responsibilities such as properly removing their waste.

That’s where the problem lies: clean up after your dog with a simple plastic bag, then walk with the smell and unpleasant feeling until you find a proper trash bin.

Having all the suffering in mind, K., the creator of Pupsule, came up with a device that would do all the dirty business for him including picking up his dog’s poop and keeping the poop smell inside. As a result, dog parents can carry it around in no hurry to find a trash bin.

Pupsule serves as an extension of your hand. Its sturdy claws enable you to grab the poop at 360° leaving no hazard behind. Once the lid is closed there is no way any smell or leak can escape. As a result, you are free from the unpleasant feeling of touching waste and can calmly
enjoy your walk. No smell, no leak, no rush to find a trash bin.

Moreover, Pupsule saves you from carrying around any plastic bag. Its built-in bag dispenser keeps up to 20 bags. In fact, Pupsule comes with 200 biodegradable and compostable bags
that diminish after you dispose of them.

This way, you can remove your pooch’s mass in a healthy and Earth-friendly way.
Pupsule is available for dogs of all sizes from Chihuahua to Great Dane. It can pick up multiple piles from the same poop at a time. Furthermore, made of premium ABS and PP plastic, Pupsule is absolutely shockproof. So, Pupsule is going to be a lifetime investment into your life
and hygiene routine.

All these features along with the unique ergonomic design have attracted the attention of top-tier media such as Geeky Gadgets, Trend Hunter, NewsBreak, and more.

With all these benefits combined, Pupsule is the ideal solution for any dog parent.
Have Pupsule deal with the dirty job while you enjoy spending time with your lovely buddy.

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Learn More About Pupsule HERE




I am a internet marketer, writer, video editor and all around good guy😎

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Theotis Davis

Theotis Davis

I am a internet marketer, writer, video editor and all around good guy😎

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