Best Virtual Phone System for Small Business

Vox Direct is a reliable virtual phone solution for small sized companies and startups. It comes with some highly beneficial calling features like call recording, call conferencing and voicemail transcriptions etc. The online management portal provides users with a handy way of getting access to all the vital information in one place.

VoxDirect unified voice and SMS marketing system ensures that you never miss a call or lose touch. VoxDirect mobile app is a small business phone system that you can carry around with you. It has many innovative features. You can now use one phone to make both business and personal calls. VoxDirect routes and answers your business calls professionally, while giving you the freedom to communicate with customers wherever, how and whenever you want. Upload your phone number list or run a Facebook campaign saying “text JOIN 800123–4567” to build your tribe. In one click, reach hundreds to thousands of customers. You can schedule your messages and target specific lists. When a keyword is entered, you can send instant, automated texts to your contacts. Get fast responses and information on-demand.

Vox Direct comes with the following features:

Business phone numbers

A business can cement its reputation via Vox Direct by getting its own toll-free numbers. It can also get numbers in the desired area codes to form a strong local presence. Existing numbers can also be switched/ported to Vox Direct for additional features.

A comprehensive management portal

Unlike many VoIP solutions, Vox Direct comes with an online management portal that allows you to manage your virtual phone system with ease. You can place a call via the portal or view your recorded calls or go through your voicemail history.

Virtual receptionist

Vox Direct’s futuristic auto-attendant feature helps you answer your calls with a customizable personal greeting along with a menu system. Usage of the auto-attendant helps you in routing the call to the concerned person faster.

Unified Communications/Multi-Channel

VoX Direct is more of a VoIP and SMS marketing tool than a unified communications suite. As such, there is no tidy integration with Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media tool.

Faxes Are Okay

Yes, it’s hard to believe it sometimes, but the humble facsimile is still around. Vox Direct’s inbound lines are also configured to receive inbound faxes. Once received, the faxes can be read using the web interface or on the mobile apps.

Other professional calling features

Along with the aforementioned, Vox Direct also comes with more exciting features like call routing, call recording, call screening, conference calling, inbound fax, international call forwarding, business SMS, and intelligent voicemail etc.

Ease of Setup and Management

For users that want to keep their existing numbers, the good news is that Vox Direct supports number porting. This means that existing lines can simply be connected directly to the VoIP system and used to receive and make calls. The bulk of the administrative work in setting up Vox Direct comes in setting up the web UI system and configuring the phone tree and extension dialing. Everything runs in the cloud so there’s no need to set up any physical infrastructure. The other positive is that the setup process is straightforward and even those without prior experience in setting up VoIP and SIP systems should be able to handle the process. Vox Direct is designed to be easy enough that even solopreneurs can get to grips with it.

Voicemail Transcription

Vox Direct subscribers can receive up to 3 phone lines with their plans depending on what tier they subscribe to. The company can also configure special vanity and toll-free numbers. If users require additional phone lines for their VoIP system then extras can be purchased.

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Voicemail Hours

Using the web interface, customers can also configure certain hours during which calls will be routed by default to voicemail instead of to one of the preconfigured extensions.

Wifi Or Cell Options

Users are able to select whether they wish outbound calls to route over Wifi or cellular data. Additionally, the call can take place using traditional telephony. To select this option, users simply need to configure “cell service” as the selection in the outbound call setup dialog menu. Assuming that users choose to use either WiFi or cellular data for their calls, they can benefit from faster and more reliable connection speeds with improved voice quality.Customer Support

Vox Direct offers live support online with a chat box run by Zendesk, a toll-free number for inquiries, and email support. They also have a comprehensive FAQ page on their website with answers to most of the questions you can think of. In addition, their blog is updated frequently with posts that are relevant to business owners. The best way to contact them is via their Facebook page. There are also service center addresses and phone numbers listed on their site, but they are all in foreign locations, and the numbers aren’t toll-free.

Bottom Line

Vox Direct is a VoIP tool that is a great choice for small business owners or solopreneurs who are looking for an all-inclusive system that is really easy to set up. It’s a softphone only solution so there’s no complicated infrastructure to manage and users can choose from one of 3 premium tiers.

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I am a internet marketer, writer, video editor and all around good guy😎

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Theotis Davis

Theotis Davis

I am a internet marketer, writer, video editor and all around good guy😎

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